i like weird stuff, sex, food,nature and marijuana.

he isnt afraid of me.
afraid of my body, no.
he picks at my brain, and challenges me.
honesty comes natural, without cost in return.
he isnt afraid to call me out.
makes me balanced.
he isnt afraid to touch me. places I didnt know I have.
he stimulates my mind,body and soul. his fingers are electric. making me pulsate with every little touch. have you ever been so close to someone that it wasn’t enough? that you wanted to physically synthesize each others vital organs and stare into each other’s soul?
I used to be scared, but he shows me real love. words dont compare to love’s touch, kiss, and stare. its natural, lascivious, and bodily love. I feels amazing.

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Is that Dwayne the Brock Johnson?



I ran for like 5 minutes today.
Am I healthy yet?

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It’s National Annoy Squidward day

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